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SIP Calculator » Systematic Investment Plan Online Tool

A SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) calculator is an online financial tool that can help to calculate the returns you would earn on your SIP investments.

Hello friends, today I have brought you such a Sip Calculator in front of you, with the help of which you can calculate Sip.

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What is Sip Calculator?

Sip is the best way to save money. Sip is an investment scheme in which small amounts are invested in mutual funds. Sip gives you the opportunity to invest a fixed amount every month in your preferred mutual fund.

The best way to save money is to invest in sip monthly.If you get good returns in mutual funds, then you can make good money after some time through sip.

One can invest in sip with less money. For example, you can invest as much as 100, 500 and 1000. Like 10,000 , 15,000 more than this you can invest in a month.

Cip Calculator

Many times you must have heard that drop by drop fills the pitcher. Similarly, you can make good money in less money through sip i.e. Systematic Investment Plan.

How deos a SIP Calculator work?

A sip plan calculator work on the following formula.

    FV =P [ (1+i)^n-1 ] * (1+i) / i

In the above formula

FV Future Value or the amount you receive upon maturity .
P SIP Amount or Amount you invest through SIP.
i Compounded rate of return.
n Investment duration in months.

Example suppose an investor wants to invest Rs . 5,000 every month . The tenure of investment is 12 months and he expects an annual rate of return of 12 % .
And now with the help of this SIP calculator formula we calculate.

then the monthly rate of return will be 12 % / 12.
    = 1 / 100
    = 0.01
FV = 5,000 [ (1+0.01)^ 12-1 ] *(1+0.01) / 0.01

Which gives Rs 64,047 Rs approximately in a year.

How To Use Sip Calculator?

It is very easy to use the SIP calculator. I have given some steps below, with the help of these steps you can calculate SIP very easily.

With the help of these steps, you can easily calculate your SIP investment, that too for free.

Sip Calculator Features.

Some of the features of the Sip Calculator tool are as follows:


What is SIP Calculator?
SIP Calculator is an online financial calculation tool. With the help of this, you will invest how much money in mutual funds for how much time you have in your favorite mutual fund. And how much return will you get? You can get all this information with the help of the tool.
How SIP calculator works?
1. Enter the amount you wish to invest.
2. Select time period
3. After this, enter your return whichever return you would have received.
4. After this, you will see the total value of the money you have invested. And whatever you have earned your money will be reflected in the return.
What is Sip Calculator formula?
FV =P [ (1+i)^n-1 ] * (1+i) / i
in this-
FV = Future Value
P = SIP Amount or Amount you invest through SIP.
i = Compounded rate of return.
n = Investment duration in months.