Simple Interest Calculator.

A simple interest calculator is a utility tool that calculates the interest on loans or savings without compounding.

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What is Simple Interest Calculator.

Whenever we lend money to any person, then we take interest on those money for a fixed time which we call simple interest. To calculate this simple interest, we have created this tool, with the help of which you can calculate simple interest.

How deos a Simple Interest Calculator work?

A Simple Interest calculator work on the following formula.

    SI= P X R X T /100

In the above formula

SI Simple Interest.
P Principal.
R Rate of interest.
T Time.

Mr. X has invested an amount of Rs. 10000 at an interest rate of 7% for almost 5 years. So his SI will be calculated as Rs. (10000 X 7 X 5/100) which is equal to Rs.13500.

simple interest calculator

Simple Interest Calculator Calculator Features.

Some of the features of the Simple Interest Calculator tool are as follows:

  • In this, you can select different types of currency with the help of select box. Sorry if you don't have the currency of your country, if you want to add, then contact.
  • For ease, you can easily increase or decrease the value with the help of slider on Principal Amount, interest, Time Period.
  • In Return, we have told you with the help of Google chart, with the help of which you can easily know your return and your total investment.
  • FAQs
    What is Simple Interest Calculator?
    When interest is charged only on the principal amount at one rate for a specified period of time, it is called simple interest.
    What is the formula for simple interest?
    Simple interest is calculated using the following formula: SI = P × R × T, where P = principal, R = interest rate, and T = time period.
    What are the types of interest?
    Simple interest.
    Compound Interest.
    interest rate structure.
    cumulative interest or return.
    Other Terms and Use.
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